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    The Big Book of Whole School Wellbeing

    My work at Halcyon Education is centred around a whole school approach to mental wellbeing in schools. I was delighted therefore to be invited to contribute to The Big Book of Whole School Wellbeing, launched on Amazon this month.

    Each chapter contains expert guidance for school leaders and covers specific topics on how to lead well, educate well, learn well and engage well. The book is a fabulous resource to provide a comprehensive approach to supporting the mental wellbeing of both pupils and staff in schools, all in one content rich volume.

    With thanks to the Editors Kimberley Evans, Thérèse Hoyle, Frederika Roberts and Bukky Yusuf for curating and editing the content to produce a book that I am sure will have a huge impact on the ability of schools and school leaders to support, nurture and guide their entire community to enhanced mental wellbeing.

    Check out chapter 2 – Self Care for Leaders, a piece I was very happy to contribute to this project.

    Available now via Amazon.