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Welcome to Halcyon Podcasts. Anna Bateman introduces a new series of podcasts that put mental health and wellbeing at its core. Season 1 podcasts are available here.

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Once again, I’ve been able to talk to a rich variety of interviewees for this second series of podcasts, enabling us to listen and learn from their real life experiences – challenges and successes. I hope you enjoy the range of topics available as they are released fortnightly over the coming months.

As we progress and find our way through the disruption that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused to the education system, the subject of these podcasts for series 2, (and series 1), seem even more relevant and useful, not just to mental health leads, but to all teaching staff in schools, to support them and help them to support their pupils too.

For many years, I have had a passion to share the insights and knowledge gained in my work with school leaders, pastoral staff and students. It’s what inspired me to create these series of podcasts and accompanying resources to help inform practice and benefit staff and pupils. I also believe passionately in listening to the youth voice, to hear what life is like for youngsters today so that the right type of support and language is utilised in schools.

I hope you find the podcasts useful in your role.

Huge thanks go to our sponsors Jigsaw PSHE and CPOMS and National Online Safety for their generous support, without whom these free podcasts would not be available.

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Halcyon Podcasts : Season 2

Update on PSHE as students return to school

S02: E03

Damian Hewitt of Jigsaw PSHE, gives an in depth interview on the new role of PSHE post Covid-19 lockdown. Damian shares his vision of a whole school approach to PSHE and how to achieve this by involving all stakeholders, from teachers to students, governors to parents.

With an ‘every child, every day, every possibility’ mission statement, Damian believes strongly in listening to the student voice, and seeking all ways possible to remove barriers to achievement and happiness. Only then can real learning begin.

Find out how this translates practically into the school environment, and into the leadership for schools in particular.

Our handout is included to help you scope out what a whole school approach to PSHE looks like for your school. Please download and adapt as you see fit.

Coming soon

In our next episode, Mark Goodwin from Equal Parts Education, who also appeared in Series 2, Episode 2 is our guest host, and will be interviewing Nina Jackson from Teach, Learn, Create. These two inspiring thinkers and passionate educators, provide some entertaining, interesting and inspiring ideas for how to support pupils’ mental health not just now but in the coming months. Out 20th July.

Getting connected after isolation – An interview with Mark Goodwin

S02: E02

As we gradually welcome children back into school, it helps to have a strategy of positive communication about the times we have all been through.

There is a lot of talk in the media about the need to ‘catch up’, ‘the lost generation’ and ‘lost time’, however this does not engender a feeling of hope and positivity for staff, pupils or their parents.

Rather than using what Mark Goodwin terms a ‘deficit language’ in this insightful interview, he guides us along a path of positivity, especially when communicating with children who have really struggled during their time away from school.

Mark has also kindly shared his handout – How to Turnaround a Kid – The Cookie Jar Checklist, which is a perfectly succinct guide to preparing for and welcoming children as they return to school.

Supporting staff and pupils’ mental health remotely

S02: E01

In this first episode of season 2 of Halcyon Education podcasts, Anna Bateman interviews Keri Haw, a mental health lead working in an all-through school.

Keri shares her insight and wisdom about how schools can adapt during these difficult times during the Covid-19 lockdown, and acknowledges the importance of looking after the mental wellbeing of staff as well as pupils as schools slowly reopen.

Our handout this week is shared with you thanks to the kind generosity of Cofton Primary school who have put together a comprehensive Post Covid Transition Policy to help schools prepare and manage the safe return of pupils and teachers to the classroom.

Halcyon Podcasts: An introduction to Season 2

Season 2: Episode 0

Welcome to the second season of Halcyon Podcasts, putting mental health and wellbeing in schools at the centre of our interviews with everyday experts and students. We’re delighted to bring you a range of valuable insights, advice and practical strategies, and thank all of our interviewees for the time that they have generously given to share their knowledge.

Ultimately, our aim is to help you in your role as mental health lead, to offer students the most appropriate support at any stage in their development, using the skills you gain as you listen to each episode.

All of our podcasts are supported by handouts which can be downloaded and used in your school setting.

If you missed our first season, you can listen again to all episodes here.