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Students from years 10/11 speak candidly about their experience of growing up in a world where social media is everywhere.

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I’ve had unprecedented access to a rich variety of interviewees for this series of podcasts, enabling us to listen and learn from their real life experiences – challenges and successes.

The interviews aim to set aside any assumptions we may have about mental health in schools so that we can freely explore topics and issues. I am grateful to each participant for giving their time freely and being willing to share their thoughts.

I hope you find the podcasts useful in your role. There are additional resources supporting the topics discussed in each episode, you’ll find them next to each podcast on this page. Feel free to download them to use in your own setting for training or to shape your mental health in schools strategies.

Huge thanks go to our sponsors Jigsaw PSHE and CPOMS and National Online Safety for their generous support, without whom these free podcasts would not be available.

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Social media – what impact does it really have on student mental health?

Mental Health in Schools: S01 E03

Three students from year 10/11 share their thoughts and insights into what it is like growing up in a world full of social media, the positives and negatives, and the issues that really lie at the heart of their anxieties. They also offer suggestions for how schools and teachers can do things that, for them, would make a huge difference.

From fear of missing out, to the impact that influencers have on teenage behaviour, and understanding some of the wider issues affecting students today, this interview is a window into the hearts and minds of our youngsters, with some surprising wisdom and ideas for navigating the world of social media.

Our accompanying resource refers to some of the specific points made by the students and what schools can do to help. For example, how should students manage their social media activity, and what are the positives of using social media? Please feel free to access this worksheet and use it for training and increasing awareness in your setting.

What happens in a CAMHS session?

Mental Health in Schools: S01 E02

Dr Carl Harris, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, talks to Anna about what to expect when attending a first and subsequent CAMHS appointment. Given tight budgets and the reality that not all students meet the threshold for CAMHS, Dr Harris offers help and advice on how schools can support vulnerable students. He also advocates support for front line staff so that they feel more confident to approach students and have potentially difficult conversations.

Dr Harris mentions the use of the 5 P’s of Formulation, an assessment process used by CAMHS. Feel free to refer to the handout that supplements this podcast which you may find helpful to understand current difficulties, triggers, internal and external influences and current strengths.

Treading the Line – Improving Wellbeing and Mental Health

Mental Health in Schools: S01 E01

Anna Batemen interviews Estelle Morris, former Secretary of State for Education and member of the House of Lords. Estelle is currently working at the Institute of Effective Education and is Chair and advisor for the Birmingham Education Partnership.

Estelle shares her vision for ensuring wellbeing is at the heart of every school’s vision alongside a good standard of education. In the current political and economic climate, it’s understandable that schools focus on results and academic attainment, however Estelle believes that following a broader curriculum, allowing space for creativity and valuing the whole school community creates an environment where mental health and wellbeing are more likely to thrive.

Introducing the Mental Health in Schools Podcast Series

Mental Health in Schools: S01 E00

Welcome to Halcyon Podcasts. I’m delighted to bring you a new series of podcasts that puts mental health and wellbeing at its core.

Each podcast contains in depth interviews with everyday experts who share their wisdom, thoughts, insights and ideas. We hear from pupils too, who speak candidly about the challenges they face day to day.

Please refer to the additional resources that accompany each episode where you’ll find supporting material to help you embed new strategies in your setting.