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    Student Voice It's OK not to be OK

    Student Voice – “It’s OK not to feel OK”

    In this interview with three secondary students and their head teacher it is encouraging to hear one pupil state “It’s OK not to be OK”. An open culture around mental health in their schools ​has provided the support they need, and the confidence to speak about mental health. Find out more about their strategies for improving mental health, from transition to year 7 throughout all year groups.


    Student Voice – primary school children speak of recovery from lockdown

    Three year 5 pupils express what it was like for them returning to the classroom after such a long time away. What an inspiration they are!


    Student Voice – life during and after lockdown

    Anna Bateman interviews 3 secondary school students to hear from their perspective, what life was like during lockdown and how they are coping now.


    Student Voice – a whole school approach to preparing for exam stress

    An interview with 3 year 11 students to hear their views on exam stress and what they feel schools and teachers could do to help them prepare for their all important exams and alleviate stress levels when under exam pressure.


    Lincroft Student Leadership

    This interview demonstrates the success of a secondary school student wellbeing team in action and the innovative measures they have put in place to support students in their school, and those transitioning from year 6.


    Men’s mental health – Building trust to open up mental health conversations

    3 student boys share their astute and insightful ideas of what makes a difference to their mental health in school


    Social media – what impact does it really have on student mental health?

    Students from years 10/11 speak candidly about their experience of growing up in a world where social media is everywhere.