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    Emma Spillane Attachment and Trauma training

    Emma Spillane: Creating a ‘ready to learn’ environment for pupils who have experienced trauma

    Emma Spillane works with schools to support them in creating a safe environment in which vulnerable children feel calm, grounded and ready to learn. In this interview, she details 3 specific areas of interest where schools can make adjustments that make a difference to the daily experiences of their most vulnerable children.

    Faye Whittle SEND Specialist

    The relationship between SEND, Mental Health and Exclusions in school

    Faye Whittle is a SEND specialist, an education consultant and an advisor on inclusion in schools. Find out more about her work, and how it dovetails with the work of the mental health lead in schools. Faye goes on to explore what can be done to reduce the disproportionate number of SEND pupils who are excluded from schools.

    first 100 days as a senior mental health lead

    The first 100 days as a senior mental health lead

    This podcast is released to coincide with the newly launched Senior Mental Health Lead Training Grant from the Department for Education. Anna Bateman offers two themes for success to embed mental wellbeing in schools.

    Clinical Psychologist Asher Patel

    Flexing your approach to mental health in schools

    “No one wants to get mental health wrong’ says clinical psychologist Asha Patel. Find out her strategies for helping schools tailor their responses to individual students’ different mental health journeys.


    Autistic Spectrum Condition Part 2: Strategies for Schools

    In our previous episode, we heard from Millie, who has recently been diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Condition after suffering over 10 years of mental health problems. In this episode she kindly shares what strategies schools and colleges could put in place to offer support that really could make a huge difference to students.


    Autistic Spectrum Condition Part 1: Spotting the Signs

    Spotting the signs of Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC) and anxiety plus strategies to support children and young people who have a diagnosis. Listen to Part 2 here.


    How to support pupils who present with a mental health difficulty in school

    Dr Carl Harris explains the benefits of modelling a process that builds confidence for Mental Health Leads, Teachers and Pupils


    What happens in a CAMHS session?

    Dr Carl Harris lifts the lid on what happens when students attend their first and subsequent meeting with a CAMHS specialist. He also explains how schools can help whilst waiting for CAHMS or if students do not meet the threshold for CAMHS.