Welcome to the Academy for Mental Health Leads!

The Academy is about developing confident outstanding Mental Health Leads, giving you tools, ideas and strategies to put actions into place and put mental health and well-being at the heart of your school.

10 steps to a mentally healthy school: A practical online course for mental health leads is designed to solve these two problems.
  1. an ad-hoc approach to mental health issues reacting to crises and fire-fighting with issues
  2. having lots of ideas, but not knowing where to start or how to get there
The course and coaching will help you to prioritise your resources and activities; and develop your curriculum and data so that you can confidently lead your school and actively prevent mental health issues from escalating. 'I know now what I need to do and the direction in which the school needs to go - it’s been really helpful
Mental Health Leads who have completed the course will:

  • Gain a complete understanding of the role of the mental health lead, to know what to prioritise and how to confidently and strategically lead your school

  • Be able to undertake a whole school audit of current practice, write an action plan and monitor progress

  • Know how to use the school’s current resources, assets and curriculum to improve outcomes for children

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Anna actively listens and has been an integral part of supporting the school to prioritise actions, which has led to whole school improvement.

DHT Feb 2019
  • Course Content
  • Key Features
  • Costs and Application

Based around the current Government and OFSTED guidance, including PSHE good practise guidelines for teaching mental health and emotional wellbeing. It features all the elements of 10 steps to a Mentally Healthy School.

Download it here.

The course will cover 3 core themes:

  1. Mental health and resilience context.
  2. The Designated Senior Lead for Mental Health role

    Auditing, tools to implement straight away. Hints/tips to get the best evidence

    Action plan writing including prioritising for your school context, and a sample action plan

    Leading change, aiming for excellence

  3. Data
  4. Importance of vulnerability data, how to collate and tools to use

    Current research and evidence on risk factors to mental health

    Screening all students and spotting the signs

    Pyramid of Need, vulnerability and alignment to attainment

    External support

  5. Curriculum and great subject knowledge
  6. PSHE and wider curriculum and the role of prevention

    Mapping Tools

    The PSHE lead and the mental health lead

    Next Steps

  1. 12 week online training:
  2. 3 hours in total and can be undertaken in your own time

    The online course will be available to access for a year following the start of the course

  3. Audit and monitoring tools. A ‘toolkit’ of documents and work book which includes the following:
  4. Audit and monitoring documents

    Vulnerability map

    Action plan

    PSHE curriculum mapping

    Case studies

    Sample screening tools

  5. Coaching call with a Mental Health coach
  6. 1 x 45 minutes over the 12 weeks

    Ongoing email support – 12 weeks

    Facilitated by a Mental Health Coach

The course is £420 and we offer a payment plan to spread the cost over 3 terms, so you will receive an invoice at the beginning of each term.

You can get started at any time during the term, we will just invoice you when you start, and then again at the beginning of the following 2 terms. Access to the training will be available for a year from purchase.

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