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The Academy is about developing confident outstanding Mental Health Leads, giving you tools, ideas and strategies to put actions into place and place mental health and well-being at the heart of your school.

We currently offer the following courses, all of which conform to current government and OFSTED guidance, including PSHE good practise guidelines for teaching mental health and emotional well-being.

Choose the complete 12 week accelerator course, (3 modules) or choose the most appropriate individual modules for your school. The 12 week course is ideal for mental health leads who are new to the role, or who wish to complete the course within a set time frame.

How it works

  • All modules can be completed in your own time and take approximately 1 hour to complete online; the activities contained within them can take 1-2 terms to implement
  • You will have access to the training for a year following purchase

Mental Health Leads who have completed the course will:

  • Gain a complete understanding of the role of the mental health lead
  • Know what to prioritise and how to confidently and strategically lead a school
  • Be able to undertake a whole school audit of current practice, write an action plan and monitor progress
  • Know how to use the school’s current resources, assets and curriculum to improve outcomes for children

Twelve Week Accelerator Course

Based around the current Government and OFSTED guidance, including PSHE good practise guidelines for teaching mental health and emotional wellbeing.

It features all the elements of 10 steps to a Mentally Healthy School.
Download it here.

The full Twelve Week Course consists of;

  1. 12 week online training:
    3 hours in total and can be undertaken in your own time
    The online course will be available to access for a year following the start of the course
  2. Audit and monitoring tools. A ‘toolkit’ of documents and work book which includes the following:
    Audit and monitoring documents
    Vulnerability map
    Action plan
    PSHE curriculum mapping
    Case studies
    Sample screening tools
  3. Coaching call with a Mental Health coach
    1 x 45 minutes over the 12 weeks
    Ongoing email support – 12 weeks
    Facilitated by a Mental Health Coach
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The cost of Twelve Week Accelerator Course is £420.
The course consists of three modules, 1, 2 and 3, all suitable for primary and secondary and can also be bought separately at £150 each as follows:

Module 1 : Mental Health and Resilience Context

Short term actions that can be put into practice straight away. Make changes that bring immediate impact.

The Designated Senior Lead for Mental Health role

Auditing, tools to implement straight away. Hints/tips to get the best evidence

Action plan writing including prioritising for your school context, and a sample action plan

Leading change, aiming for excellence

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Module 2: Data

Taking a whole school approach to prevention via screening, collecting and using data to prioritise resources.

Importance of vulnerability data, how to collate and tools to use

Current research and evidence on risk factors to mental health

Screening all students and spotting the signs

Pyramid of Need, vulnerability and alignment to attainment

External support

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Module 3: Curriculum and great subject knowledge

How to be confident in your role as mental health lead, understand the wider curriculum, whole school training and prevention.

PSHE and wider curriculum and the role of prevention

Mapping Tools

The PSHE lead and the mental health lead

Next Steps

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Module 4: Setting up a student wellbeing team (Secondary school)

For schools that want to develop a student well-being team that will support the strategic direction and operational activities

Resources and ideas on who and how to choose the team

The first meeting and planning for success

A training powerpoint to train the team once chosen

Ideas and case studies from other schools who have a successful well-being team

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You can get started at any time during the term, we will just invoice you before you start. Access to the training will be available for a year from purchase.

You can apply immediately online or talk to a member of the team using the buttons below.

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Twelve Week Course

The Twelve Week Course includes modules 1, 2 and 3

Module 1: Mental health and resilience context Module 2: Data Module 3: Curriculum and great subject knowledge Module 4: Setting up a student well-being team

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