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    Change management in schools is an ongoing process, requiring strategic planning and management through to implementation and assessment of results. I work with schools on a consultancy basis, to help them move out of the starting blocks and take decisive action.

    The good news is, there are always quick wins to be made – where we identify and make swift changes that can have immediate positive impact.

    Whilst often there are many areas that have the potential for improvement, we will work together to identify the priorities, timelines and desired, measurable outcomes for your school.

    A typical consultancy programme will look like this:

    • An introductory session to assess the current situation in your school regarding mental well being and any urgent matters that are of cause for immediate concern
    • A review and audit of current systems, processes and curriculum, including successes as well as areas for improvement
    • Writing a strategic plan for change management with a whole school approach to building resilience and achieving mental health
    • Creating an action plan, with timescales and assigned responsibilities for key stakeholders in the process
    • Designing monitoring tools and curriculum mapping documentation to help track progress and identify further areas for work

    Working with me as a critical friend throughout the change process, and via a strategic plan with specific objectives, you’ll have the confidence and knowledge to make the changes necessary to bring about improvements in your school. This will help your teaching staff and more importantly your students, in a positive and tangible way.

    Why not book an appointment for a free 20 minute no obligation conversation to explore your current issues and how we might work together. Simply book a time to talk. Book now

    What our clients say;

    I have been working with Anna for the past year and value every communication with her. Professional, knowledgeable and supportive, she has worked in collaboration with me to improve social, emotional and mental health outcomes throughout school so that both children and staff are now more emotionally intelligent and have an increased awareness of how to maintain positive mental health.

    Calm in her approach, Anna actively listens and has been an integral part of supporting the school to prioritise actions, which has led to whole school improvement. Anna has given me the space to think and plan and her focused, positive approach has enabled me to tackle challenges effectively.

    Anything that Anna does has the children at the heart of it and she always uses her knowledge of our school context to inform the support she provides. Because of her personable and open manner, she is able to quickly establish trusting relationships and builds an easy rapport with those that she works with. She always demonstrates the highest levels of trust, professionalism and respect and I am so grateful for her contribution to our school.

    Petrina Poleon Deputy Head Teacher at Cofton Primary School