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    Emma Spillane Attachment and Trauma training

    Emma Spillane: Creating a ‘ready to learn’ environment for pupils who have experienced trauma

    Emma Spillane works with schools to support them in creating a safe environment in which vulnerable children feel calm, grounded and ready to learn. In this interview, she details 3 specific areas of interest where schools can make adjustments that make a difference to the daily experiences of their most vulnerable children.

    Faye Whittle SEND Specialist

    The relationship between SEND, Mental Health and Exclusions in school

    Faye Whittle is a SEND specialist, an education consultant and an advisor on inclusion in schools. Find out more about her work, and how it dovetails with the work of the mental health lead in schools. Faye goes on to explore what can be done to reduce the disproportionate number of SEND pupils who are excluded from schools.

    Student Voice It's OK not to be OK

    Student Voice – “It’s OK not to feel OK”

    In this interview with three secondary students and their head teacher it is encouraging to hear one pupil state “It’s OK not to be OK”. An open culture around mental health in their schools ​has provided the support they need, and the confidence to speak about mental health. Find out more about their strategies for improving mental health, from transition to year 7 throughout all year groups.

    first 100 days as a senior mental health lead

    The first 100 days as a senior mental health lead

    This podcast is released to coincide with the newly launched Senior Mental Health Lead Training Grant from the Department for Education. Anna Bateman offers two themes for success to embed mental wellbeing in schools.

    Clinical Psychologist Asher Patel

    Flexing your approach to mental health in schools

    “No one wants to get mental health wrong’ says clinical psychologist Asha Patel. Find out her strategies for helping schools tailor their responses to individual students’ different mental health journeys.


    Student Voice – primary school children speak of recovery from lockdown

    Three year 5 pupils express what it was like for them returning to the classroom after such a long time away. What an inspiration they are!


    A blueprint for primary school life after lockdown

    Head teacher Richard Ellis has a positive, considered approach to mental wellbeing in school, both for his staff and children. This interview is both practical and inspirational.


    Creating a mentally resilient school

    Anthony Beckett is a senior assistant headteacher and mental wellbeing and safeguarding lead. He has succeeded in building mental resilience across the whole school, for teachers as well as students. Find out how.


    Student Voice – life during and after lockdown

    Anna Bateman interviews 3 secondary school students to hear from their perspective, what life was like during lockdown and how they are coping now.