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    Dr Carl Harris lifts the lid on what happens when students attend their first and subsequent meeting with a CAMHS specialist. He also explains how schools can help whilst waiting for CAHMS or if students do not meet the threshold for CAMHS.

    What happens in a CAMHS session?

    S01: E02

    Dr Carl Harris, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, talks to Anna about what to expect when attending a first and subsequent CAMHS appointment. Given tight budgets and the reality that not all students meet the threshold for CAMHS, Dr Harris offers help and advice on how schools can support vulnerable students. He also advocates support for front line staff so that they feel more confident to approach students and have potentially difficult conversations.

    Dr Harris mentions the use of the 5 P’s of Formulation, an assessment process used by CAMHS. Feel free to refer to the handout that supplements this podcast which you may find helpful to understand current difficulties, triggers, internal and external influences and current strengths.