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    Anna Bateman interviews Keri Haw, a mental health lead in an all-through school. This episode addresses the challenges for teachers and pupils during lockdown, and contains coping strategies to enhance the wellbeing of both.

    Supporting staff and pupils’ mental health remotely

    S02: E01

    In this first episode of season 2 of Halcyon Education podcasts, Anna Bateman interviews Keri Haw, a mental health lead working in an all-through school.

    Keri shares her insight and wisdom about how schools can adapt during these difficult times during the Covid-19 lockdown, and acknowledges the importance of looking after the mental wellbeing of staff as well as pupils as schools slowly reopen.

    Our handout this week is shared with you thanks to the kind generosity of Cofton Primary school who have put together a comprehensive Post Covid Transition Policy to help schools prepare and manage the safe return of pupils and teachers to the classroom.