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    An interview with 3 year 11 students to hear their views on exam stress and what they feel schools and teachers could do to help them prepare for their all important exams and alleviate stress levels when under exam pressure.

    Student Voice – a whole school approach to preparing for exam stress

    S02: E08

    While 2020/21’s year 11 cohort has the additional challenge of taking their GCSE’s having been out of school for several months, we examine the benefits of preparing well for exams, the importance of trusted adults and a plan for revision.

    Anna interviews 3 year 11 students to ask them about exam stress, how they are feeling, and what schools can do to help prepare students for the pressure they face.

    Their views include recommendations for all teachers to be trained in mental health awareness so they can be more supportive at this key time, and for preparations to begin in year 7 and continue across all year groups. Listen now to hear more of their insights and suggestions.

    Our handout is full of links to key organisations that you may find useful specifically when planning training and interventions for coping with exam pressure across all school years.