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    Our guest host Mark Goodwin interviews Nina Jackson of Independent Thinking, renowned speaker and author on mental health in schools. Find out how her ‘slinky’ approach to welcoming students back to school works and her views on opening wellbeing conversations with students in a positive, confident way.

    Nina Jackson and the ‘slinky’ approach to a positive return to school

    Season 2: E04

    Our guest host Mark Goodwin from Equal Parts Education takes the reins for this episode, interviewing the beguiling Nina Jackson of Independent Thinking who is an author and renowned speaker on the subject of mental health and wellbeing in schools.

    In this interview, Nina talks specifically about the challenges that pupils have faced in recent months during lockdown, and in the coming months as they prepare to return to what will be a noticeably different school environment.

    Nina says throughout this time it is important to listen, to give children a chance to express how they have been feeling and balance this with focus on small yet important positives. She talks of a ‘slinky’ approach to the new challenges ahead, to keep children moving forward in a positive way. Find out what this means and how this can help you shape your approach to welcoming students back into the classroom.

    Many thanks to Mark and Nina for this insightful interview, a ‘must listen’ in our opinion.

    And thanks again to Mark for kindly sharing our accompanying handout – the Better Mood Worksheet. There are some great tips here we can all follow to look after ourselves and each other.

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