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    This interview demonstrates the success of a secondary school student wellbeing team in action and the innovative measures they have put in place to support students in their school, and those transitioning from year 6.

    Lincroft Student Leadership

    S02: E06

    Our previous episode (Episode 5) looked at a student led mental health team in primary school. In this episode, we hear from five year 11’s who are part of the Lincroft secondary school wellbeing student leadership team. This interview demonstrates the success of a wellbeing team in action, as the students explain their roles, the initiatives they have put in place to support students, and how their work has had the added benefit of taking pressure off mental health leads in school so that they can focus on students who are most in need.

    The students specifically identified stigma as a barrier to their peers seeking help and support when needed, and explained how they created an open culture of discussion around mental health, to make it less scary for those in need.

    The student leadership team received training in mental health, bullying, safeguarding and the teen brain, and it is evident that this has given them a fabulous insight into the subject of wellbeing. It’s also great to hear their questions at the end, when they are keen to learn more about what else they could do in their role.

    Check out the link provided here to the Academic Resilience Framework talked about in this episode.