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    An inspiring and positive interview with Mark Goodwin, whose work has always been around connecting with pupils, especially those who have found school life challenging. Mark explains about how the skills he has used for many years can transfer to working with pupils who have struggled during the pandemic, and how to encourage pupils to engage once more with learning.

    Getting connected after isolation – An interview with Mark Goodwin

    S02: E02

    As we gradually welcome children back into school, it helps to have a strategy of positive communication about the times we have all been through.

    There is a lot of talk in the media about the need to ‘catch up’, ‘the lost generation’ and ‘lost time’, however this does not engender a feeling of hope and positivity for staff, pupils or their parents.

    Rather than using what Mark Goodwin terms a ‘deficit language’ in this insightful interview, he guides us along a path of positivity, especially when communicating with children who have really struggled during their time away from school.

    Mark has also kindly shared his handout – How to Turnaround a Kid – The Cookie Jar Checklist, which is a perfectly succinct guide to preparing for and welcoming children as they return to school.