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    “No one wants to get mental health wrong’ says clinical psychologist Asha Patel. Find out her strategies for helping schools tailor their responses to individual students’ different mental health journeys.

    Flexing your approach to mental health in schools

    S03: E05

    Mainstream school education treats all pupils the same; however we know that everyone is different. My interview with clinical psychologist Asha Patel explores this topic, and how Asha helps schools to flex their approach to the multitude of different mental health challenges they may face.

    Asha is passionate about early intervention to prevent children’s life chances being impaired at an early age.

    “No one wants to get mental health wrong’ says Asha. With the help of her audit tool Edupod providing clinical and coaching support, schools can be more responsive to students’ differing mental health journeys, and boost confidence across the entire teaching and support staff.