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    What is emotional literacy and how can it benefit your school? Anna Bateman provides a comprehensive guide for schools ahead of the new statutory requirements being introduced in September 2020.

    Emotional Literacy – a pivotal catalyst for mental wellbeing in schools

    S01: E12

    With new requirements for emotional literacy to become part of the curriculum this September, this podcast explains what emotional literacy is and the practical steps your school can take to wholeheartedly adopt a policy where it is included in every aspect of the school.

    Anna Bateman provides this comprehensive guide and explains what schools can do to improve students’ understanding of their feelings. We also hear from Dr Mark Greenberg about the link between emotional literacy and regulation of behaviour.

    This podcast includes advice on the language of emotion, how to recognise internal and external expressions of feelings, and gives tips on how to adopt adaptive rather than maladaptive behaviours when faced with feelings of overwhelm.

    We recommend downloading our accompanying handout ‘Emotional Literacy in School‘ for reference before listening to the podcast.