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    Head teacher Richard Ellis has a positive, considered approach to mental wellbeing in school, both for his staff and children. This interview is both practical and inspirational.

    A blueprint for primary school life after lockdown

    S03: E03

    Richard Ellis is head teacher of a primary school in a significantly challenging area. His positive, considered approach to mental wellbeing, both for his staff and children, is both practical and inspirational.

    Training mental first aiders, introducing a counselling service for staff, and embarking on a new gardening project for the children to bring them closer to nature, are just a few of his mental wellbeing initiatives that are already making a difference.

    At a time when change and challenge are the norm, resilience and adaptability are key to staying calm, prioritising interventions and settling school life back down again. Richard’s passion for creating an environment that supports development of the whole child after lockdown is an inspiration and I’d like to thank him for sharing this with us.