What do we mean by ‘a whole school approach to mental health’?

I hear the phrase ‘whole school approach to mental health’ almost weekly in conversations with organisations, schools and at conferences. It is usually in the context of the importance of this being a solution to rising mental health issues. Everyone agrees – we need a solution that isn’t just a quick fix or one-off intervention. […]


“We thought we knew our kids, we really don’t”

I hear this common phrase from schools quite often, usually after they have undertaken some form of whole school group mental health assessment or screening e.g. the 3 houses tool, SDQ, WEMWEBS or Boxhall profile (see link below for more information). Oftentimes these schools have really strong pastoral care and support in place, so why should they […]


The new OFSTED Framework 2019 and the links to mental health in schools – updated July 2019

Here is a brief guide to the new OFSTED framework and the links to mental health and well-being.  I’m going to mention the changes to the framework and talk about some of the inferences, my opinion and interpretation of the document. There are 4 judgement areas: quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, personal development, leadership […]